The Current State Of Information Security

Streamlined Cybersecurity Services and Tools

Which of These Describes Your Company?

Let's have a conversation. Read through the website and note the Data Defender tool and the Risk Assistant Risk Management application.

You have many options. You can start with the Data Defender program, our simplified online command console that anyone can use to track their security situation and activities. And feel free to contact us at any time.

Data Defender - Cyber defenses in one central console

Data Defender: Security Simplified

Data Defender is your online custom Command Center. Track important policy documents, best practices, system scans and security communications. No technical skills are required.

77% of companies and organizations have a program like Data Defender in place to help reduce the risk of cyber attack.

Be proactive. Deploy the flexible Data Defender to save time and money.


Free Security Self-Assessment

Recommended: Take five minutes and utilize our simplified security self-assessment tool. Instant results display your Flex-Protection information security score, and offer suggestions for improvement.

This private, confidential assessment does not scan your network or require technical knowledge. It simply boosts your awareness of best practices and good security policy.

Show your management and stakeholders you are being proactive when it comes to protecting your company's systems and data.


Free Downloads For Immediate Use

Information Security Policy

Your Information Security Policy

Download a flexible Information Security Policy (ISP) that you can use as the foundation of your data security initiative.

Download Your ISP
5 easiest steps

5 Easiest Security Steps

Discover and adopt these 5 measures that will make your data safer. Simple, cost-effective and won't disrupt your business.

7 Best Practices

7 Best Practices

These 7 industry best practices will protect you in the long run. Consistent with ISO 27001 and the NIST framework. All industries, private and public sector.


Security Self-Assessment

Please select the response that best represents your company or organization for each risk factor.

Do you have a written Information Security Policy that is endorsed and supported by top management?
How often are employees and management given Security Awareness Training (SAT)?
Do you have a documented Data Inventory - a list of key data stores, where they are located, and how they are protected?
Is there a convenient list of Security Best Practices that all computer users are familiar with?
Is critical data backed up automatically every day, onto separate computers used for this purpose?
Does your company have remote or traveling employees who need network access?
Have you had a network vulnerability scan or professional security assessment from a third party consultant or advisor?
Does your company or organization have a public-facing web site?
Are you covered by a Data Defender subscription to insure best practices and basic documentation?

What The Big Security Companies Don't Tell You

Nobody Really Cares. This is a blunt statement but it reflects the low priority that C-level management gives to information security at most companies. Immediately following a data breach, the level of attention and expenditures often increases.
Nobody Understands. With few exceptions, staff and management have very little idea what the job of the security team entails. Even the role of the CISO is misunderstood, as most regard data security as strictly an IT responsibility.
Fear Drives Cybersecurity. Big money is being spent on high-profile security services, while cost-effective measures are avaialble which won't disrupt your daily operations. There really is a better way. Reduce your budget, simplify your data security, and manage everything in one place.

Protect Your Critical Data - Strategic Options

Start With Basic Cyber Defenses

Strategy 1: Start With the Basics.

Our ground-breaking Data Defender program delivers flexible and sensible protections without breaking your budget.

Basic Defenses
Cyber Risk Management Tool

Strategy 2: Manage cyber risks.

Our Risk Assistant flexible software is your best method to track cyber risks and defensive measures as they evolve.

Risks and Measures
Information Security self-assessment

Strategy 3: See where you stand.

Use the 5-minute self-assessment survey to find out how much cyber risk your current practices are exposing you to.

Start Assessment

You Can Reduce and Manage Risks

Data Defender image

Data Defender

Includes our 5 Easiest Steps, 7 Best Practices, Data Inventory Template, Information Security Policy, and a Security Assessment.

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Risk Assistant image

Risk Assistant

Our flexible Risk Management application. Manage ongoing cyber risks by identifying and deploying appropriate defensive measures.

Manage Risks
Assessment image

Free Assessment

Your network and servers may be secure, but you could still use an outside assessment. A short survey will start the process.

Start An Assessment

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Frank S.

Frank S. CTO and CFO, Mid-market Manufacturing Company

We just didn't know where to begin. It turns out the Data Defender program was simple to tap into as needed and just the framework that we could easily master. We quickly downloaded the tools, along with the Information Security Policy, and we started improving our defenses.

Barry H.

Barry H. Certified Information Security Professional

We used the Information Security Policy as a foundation for strengthening our defenses and best practices. It gave us a starting point for adjusting some of our procedures and saved us a lot of time and money.

Linda M.

Linda M. Security Manager and IT Consultant

If you follow the Five Easy Steps and Best Practices in the Data Defender you will reduce your odds of being a target of a ransomware attack. Just as importantly, you will be able to recover more quickly, which we call "resilience".


Bullet Point Briefs: Overviews and Options for Better Security

ISO 27001

This Bullet Point Brief provides a high-level overview of the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification. You can decide if this step is appropriate for your organization. Download Here

AWS Data Security

Managing Information Security in the cloud is very different from your traditional local configurations. New tools and concepts can make security a challenge. Download Here

Scenarios that May Sound Familiar

There are many steps you can take to defend yourself from ransomware, and to lesson the impact if it does happen. Let's create an Incident Response Plan to be ready.
You may not realize this attack has happened, since everything seems normal. Let's prepare for this threat with a few simple steps.
Now would be a good time to schedule some user Security Awareness Training (SAT) which will create safer habits and better cyber hygeine. It's a great risk management tool.