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How secure are your company's systems and critical data?

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These questions help identify factors that increase risk. Your Answer
Do you have a written Information Security Policy that is endorsed and supported by top management?
How often are employees and management given Security Awareness Training (SAT)?
Do you have a documented Data Inventory - a list of key data stores, where they are located, and how they are protected?
Is there a convenient list of Security Best Practices that all computer users are familiar with?
Is critical data backed up automatically every day, onto separate computers used for this purpose?
Does your company have remote or traveling employees who need network access?
Have you had a network vulnerability scan or professional security assessment from a third party consultant or advisor?
Does your company or organization have a public-facing web site?
Are you covered by a Data Defender subscription to insure best practices and basic documentation?

Free Security Self-Assessment

Recommended: Take five minutes and utilize our simplified security self-assessment tool. Instant results display your Flex-Protection information security score, and offer suggestions for improvement.

This private, confidential assessment does not scan your network or require technical knowledge. It simply boosts your awareness of best practices and good security policy.

Show your management and stakeholders you are being proactive when it comes to protecting your company's systems and data.


Free Downloads For Immediate Use

Information Security Policy

Your Information Security Policy

Download a flexible Information Security Policy (ISP) that you can use as the foundation of your data security initiative.

Download Your ISP
5 easiest steps

5 Easiest Security Steps

Discover and adopt these 5 measures that will make your data safer. Simple, cost-effective and won't disrupt your business.

7 Best Practices

7 Best Practices

These 7 industry best practices will protect you in the long run. Consistent with ISO 27001 and the NIST framework. All industries, private and public sector.


Overviews and Short Videos

Basic Introduction

What is involved in cybersecurity and why does it matter?

Top Ten Defensive Measures

What are the best counter-measures my company can take to better protect our data and where do we start?

Risk Management

Learn more about our Risk Assistant tool, which lets you define risks and meaures and track your progress.

Risk Assistant Demo Online

Please take four minutes and view a prototype of the Risk Assistant application, matching risks and defensive measures.

Bullet Point Briefs: Overviews and Options for Better Security

ISO 27001

This Bullet Point Brief provides a high-level overview of the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification. You can decide if this step is appropriate for your organization. Download Here

AWS Data Security

Managing Information Security in the cloud is very different from your traditional local configurations. New tools and concepts can make security a challenge. Download Here

Choose Your Protection

Best Practices

I would like to implement simple best security practices to protect my company from cyber attacks and data breaches.

Risk Management

I am interested in utilizing a flexible risk management tool to improve our defenses and track our ongoing risk.

Consider My Options

What are some other simple steps I can take to achieve better information security in my organization?