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Has your company been attacked yet? Our groundbreaking Data Defender program provides a simple set of defensive measures that can keep you from becoming a victim. Show your management that you are being proactive, without disrupting your business or your budget.

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Four Easy Steps You Can Take Today

  1. Teach users to use actual words in their passwords. Which is easier to remember, "DancingShirt250" or "JxQ2$e#wQ9Kh" ?
  2. Create a bare-bones, minimalist Incident Response Plan. Just jot down the names, email addresses, and phone numbers for the people who need to be contacted when there is a cyber incident or breach. And post it where people can see it.
  3. Identify the crown jewels. Make a list of the information and documents your company just can't operate without. And make sure these items are being backed up frequently and automatically.
  4. Enroll in the flexible Defender program above.

Security steps - security planning.

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